Covid-19 Reopening Plan

Update from the SCP board on 8/10/20

The board has made the difficult decision to start our preschool year virtually. We will no longer be offering an outdoor preschool component to the fall. I want to thank our reopening committee for their hard work in creating a fun and safe outdoor preschool plan that we can hopefully utilize if things start getting back to normal this school year.

We’re working frantically to get the details of virtual preschool nailed down. We will be posting more information at the end of this week as to what our program will include and what tuition rates will be.

Teachers will continue to provide opportunities for connection and learning with things like Zoom circle times, small-group Zoom meet-ups, pre-recorded lessons, and take-home packets of activity materials.

Questions? Please contact us at To start the enrollment process or join the waitlist, please fill out the registration form on our enroll page.