2023/2024 School Year Tuition & Fees:

Please Note: These are the planned 2023/2024 tuition rates. All rates and exact class schedules are subject to change at the discretion of the SCP board.

  • Registration fee:
    • $85 due at the time of enrollment, per student
    • Non-refundable
    • Reduced for families joining after January 1st.
  • Tuition Rates:
    • 2’s class: $80/month, $720/year
    • 3’s class: $135/month, $1,215/year
    • Pre-K class: $155/month, $1,395/year
    • Tuition is paid in nine equal installments, Sep-May
    • We offer a $20/month discount for families with two or more enrolled students
    • Need-based financial aid available on a sliding scale, usually in the form of tuition reductions. Please email for more information, all inquiries are kept confidential.
  • Sibling Fees:
    • Some parents choose to bring their younger child with them on their in-class workday. Sibling attendance is limited to maintain high adult to child ratios. You may apply for a sibling spot at the time of registration. Sibling fees apply as follows:
    • 2’s class: $20/month
    • 3’s class: $30/month
    • Pre-K class: $40/month
    • Sibling fees begin at six months of age
    • Sibling Guidelines and Info Sheet
  • Other Costs & Fees:
    • Late tuition and returned check fees will apply
    • Most field trips are free or included with tuition, occasionally field trips may cost families extra